Q: Can I share your artwork/posts?

A: As long as you link back to the original AND  credit me. If I find artwork that you didn't pay commission for posted without permission, without credit or link-back, claiming as your own, edited/cropped, and/or being sold, I will ask you to add credit on the main post or take it down. If you refuse, I will report you.

Q: Can I draw fanart of your work?

A: Yes you can as long as you tag me on it, or message me with your artwork.

Q: How about selling your artwork?

A: Unless you commissioned/requested the artwork/character and I agreed that the piece was for that purpose, you absolutely cannot sell any of my artwork. If you see someone other than me selling my artwork, please notify me.

Q: A preference of medium?

A: Depends, but currently digital since I don't have a proper space to do traditional. With digital, at least I have my tablet to complete a big part of any commission, even on the go.

Q: How long does it take you to finish a drawing?

A: Usually a week or two due to my irl job. The calendar tab will show what days I will be available and how busy for the current week.

Q: Are there certain things you actually wouldn’t draw?

A: I WILL let you know if I don’t feel comfortable with something. I draw mostly anime, but can do animals and semi-realistic drawings, so I’m up for anything. What I most likely will not do is any extreme fetishes and excessively graphic gory scenes as I don't have practice with either.

Q: Have any open commission slots?

A: You can check here to check for open slots. Please read these rules thoroughly before asking anything and finishing your order(s).

Q: Why do you have a Patreon?

A: That way I know what people are interested in and I can work towards their completion.

Q: Do you accept trades/artwork as a form of payment?

A: No, and I only do trades through Monthly Art Trade group. For art gifts, I've had bad experience with it, so no.

Q: *insert some exception to prices here*

A: I have. MANY TIMES. For A LONG time. Make the effort, there’s still some out there somewhere.

Q: Why are your prices always changing?

A: Mostly figuring out price ranges and easy-to-read layouts. Don't worry though, I keep records and all prices are the same for what you bought from the time you commissioned.

Q: Can I keep my commission/ request private?

A: Of course, do say so from the beginning of your order to avoid any future conflicts.

Q: Why are all your images disgustingly watermarked?

A: I've seen too many art thefts made on beginner artists, or uploaded without explicit permission - just like my Naruto Team 7 drawing uploaded here with only my sister finding it in her Narutard phase years ago. Luckily I added my watermark on it. Even just this year (2016) I personally had to add my alias name cuz they didn't even bother to do that. I'm not going to risk it. If you really mean to see my work unwatermarked, you're welcome to become my Patron anytime (n n)

Q: I can't see my commission/request anywhere anymore. Can I have access to again/ask for a file transfer of it?

A: Of course, as long as you provide alias of the time and dated information of your commission/request. The commissions will be filed properly so make sure to remember.