Regular Commission:

Guide & ToS


1. Confirm order, sketches, make any amount of changes.

2. Price & timeframe based on order through invoice.

3. Must be paid before continuing, no exceptions.

4. Watermarked WIPs provided for a few tweaks.

5. Significant modification(s) are an extra fee.

6. Final artwork A4 300dpi PNG transparent completed within timeframe & sent through email,, or agreed method.




  • FINAL TOTAL is Sketch/Line/Render Details + Additional = TOTAL x number of characters = FINAL TOTAL, per image.

  • Paypal for Regular Commissions and ARTCOL, USD currency. For any other method, I must already have an active account and you must calculate the currency conversion.

  • Pay in full in order to continue. Otherwise, you'll be on a waiting list until then. No exceptions.

  • If you try any of the following, your commission will be dismissed:

    • Trades that are not currency, unless agreed otherwise!




  • I prefer Facebook Messenger or E-mail to communicate as it is easiest to access (phone).

  • If you want to keep track about anything related to your commission, please let me know to send you a link to the online private folder where I upload your samples and images. Do not share this link as there is no way to hide or lock it (



  • Unless you strictly specify how it’s made public or at all, any watermarked or unwatermarked drawings, links, files, etc will be posted and shared by default and where deemed fit. Do say before starting the commission.

  • Depending on complexity, watermarked samples will be A7 300PPI or smaller.

  • Preview samples will be provided through email,, or website we agreed on. I will watermark the image(s) during this time, even if it’s your own creation!

  • You can make as many modifications to the piece during the sketching stage.

  • 5 light modifications/tweaks during the outline phase without charge!

  • 3 light modifications/tweaks during the rendering phase without charge!
  • Any big modifications will be extra!
  • Final product will be unwatermarked A5 300 dpi PNG transparent background.

  • Final product will be uploaded after the final product (watermarked) is approved and fully paid by you. From that point on, I will not work on said piece anymore.

  • Final version will ONLY be public to paying Patrons unless told otherwise by you, commissioner/requestant at the beginning of the commission before paying. 

  • After a considerable period of time, these works WILL be moved to a different storage and accessible only to those Pledging or password access only, so save them ASAP.



  • Watermark all drawings related to the commission/request for sharing online and during the drawing process to avoid unruly use by other people who may see it/access it.

  • I have the right to distribute any related images, links, files where see fit, through paid or unpaid services, watermarked or unwatermarked, by default, unless you say otherwise before I start the commission(s).

  • You may not use my work for commercial purposes without my consent.

  • While I am not one to be easily uncomfortable, I reserve right to refuse commissions that I am not comfortable with drawing. 

  • Freedom to how long I can take to finish within the specified invoice timeframe. To have it done any quicker will be an extra charge of an amount per day less than the timeframe provided.