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Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Playing video games, drawing, and scrolling through Youtube and deviantArt.


Q: Can I ask you about your work?
A: Related to how I work: . Commission Prices: . Where to start: . How to pay: .

Q: Have any projects?

A: Currently on hold due to irl job, I constantly end up exhausted by the end of the day to barely update my personal stuff online, only enough to reblog stuff *scroll scroll*.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: I don't provide e-mail as I don't check it as often and usually unreliable in timing and sharing. So check out any links available on my site :D

Q: Can I share your art?

A: Of course, I encourage anyone to share any artist's artwork :D Just be sure to link back and credit me where ever you would like to share it!

Q: How about selling your artwork?

A: Unless you (owner of artwork/character) and I agreed that the piece was for that purpose, you absolutely cannot sell any of my artwork. A percentage will be discussed.




Figures: Refers to the number of characters or versions of the characters (same character with different hairstyles, varying sets of clothing, poses like for characters sheets, etc). 

Sketch: Rough edges and generalized details (i.e. leaves on trees not detailed/lines not clean).

Lineart: Flat outline ("color book" line art) with no gradient shadow, crosshatching, or dotting as shadow.

Flat: Flat outline, and basic color pallet. Shadows and highlights are not included!

Cell ShadeFlat Color commission with defining solid shadow and lighting added.

Soft ShadeColor commission with soft gradient shadow and lighting added.

Accentuated LineartFull package of a colored commission, soft gradient shadow and lighting, emphasizing thick and thin lines depicting depth and movement.

Per Big Mod: Short for 'for every big modification', it refers to a must pay an extra fee for requesting incredibly large changes where the commission is past the Sketch phase.

Higher Resolution: Simply higher resolution atop of the regular resolution for my commissions, anything higher than 2k x 2k pixels 300dpi.

Original File: The PSD, PTSai, MediBang, or whichever format file the artwork has been worked on.

ASAP: Short for As Soon As Possible, you must pay this fee before I start your commission if you need it in less than 3 days for Sketch(es), less than 5 days for Line, and so on. The amount increases exponentially by the day.

Request: Usually free, work without return like a gift. However, I only take these if you're a paying Patron.

Commission: Paid work specified by buyer. Regular Commissions only, unless agreed otherwise.

Donations: Money which is given to a person or a cause. If you have a deviantArt account you will be featured in a journal.

  • 'Commissions' Widget: A deviantArt exclusive method of pay with digital currency (Points) and the only way artists on this site can get payed genuine money with this currency. If I specify that you use this for any purchase and accidentally donate Points, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.

Patreon/Patron/Pledge: Patreon is a "support" website like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, except with a monthly payment to exclusive set of items by the host. Pledge is another word for subscription, and those who have pledged are called Patrons. For one-time payments, simply Pledge for the month and then backout of the Pledge after the payment has been processed.

Chara Ref Sheet: Reference Sheet showing your character's physical profile or details. Price is based on the details you want on the sheet. Example, a front shot, 3/4ths, and back shot of the whole character plus one head drawing defining details counts as 3 fullbodies and a bust.

Ecchi: Japanese term usually used for suggestive or perverted images, often interchangeable with soft core porn.