Fiverr Rules


• Any commissions made through Fiverr are considered Regular Commissions.

• May take less time than described. 

• REVISIONS are exclusively during the sketching period. After that phase, only tweaks are permitted. Significant modification(s) are extra.

• Final product is .png unwatermarked transparent BG 2k x 2k 300 dpi. Anything bigger is High Resolution price.

• Sketches will be rough and shadows/highlights will be added at my own leisure or not added at all.

• Line art is outlined with solid straight lines. Details will be added as long as they are visible enough, or roughly included (i.e. a tree without detail of leaves if too far or too small).

• Color is BASIC COLOR PALLET ONLY, no shadow or highlight added. 

• By purchasing, you understand and agree to my Commission Rules (Check Requirements).



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