Hello people that might still be around here to either claim for a drawing I owe them or out of boredom. Anxious clumsy insomniac is my middle name and... so I know I got some explaining to do for my inactivity everywhere except for reposting on Facebook. I know my activity slowed down at the start of fall semester, completely stopped by the end of September because I got unknowingly transferred to another further store (because missing a single day of work for the sake of an exam does that despite how much slave-work it is, will explain that later) and then a second better paying job by the beginning of December.

To start, I failed the semester. I ended up missing too many classes due to sickness not worth a doctor's visit but not worth spending my energy looking alive (just colds and exhaustion really). I'm not sad about it since I now understand Cardcaptor Sakura and other anime like 75% now due to it but the class had a lot of tedious homework I couldn't be bothered with learning all of it trying to get sleep.

Next, my job: About to get 3 yrs working there in a few months and not get another MEANINGFUL raise (he would say the yearly minimum raise was THE raise half-jokingly but never did otherwise), so I could have cared less if the business burned down. Put it like this: every time I had a semester I asked for 2 days off (Mon & Wed or Tue & Thur) for it and asked only night hours to get things done in the morning and get enough sleep (because my family's sleeping schedule is fucked up but at least their ruckus ended between midnight and 2 am so I was only able to sleep by then). He still had me go in early in the morning on one of those days without caring that I worked till midnight the night before. The one day I had a test that we were slammed with immense amount of order the night prior I called out first time ever not due to an illness 4 hours before hand he decides it was enough reason to transfer me to another store. So no, apparently I wasn't slaving myself enough to merit what I asked for before hand. Atop of extra work because of those stupid fucking tablets, no extra breaks, restriction on restroom, no benefits and false promises with raises. And he still had the audacity to ask for more. I would explain more but I feel like this thing I'm writing will become convoluted with straying complaints based on personal grudge than factual so I'll leave that part of history here. Fast forward to the transferred store. As the day progresses it gets worse mainly due to the morning manager wanting to be bossy and not want to work extra for the sake of the later shifts' crew, and her need to do things at speed-over-quality mentality. Sometimes there is nothing done extra for the rest of the day to go smoothly (apparently going a few 100$ over the average day is too much for the morning), boss doesn't order things correctly or solves issues without getting his feelings involved, and there's never ever EVER enough people (specifically one cook that doesn't seem to care if he got fired since he has gotten himself drunk during his shift and almost fucked with people's orders). So in the end of it all other than added problems nothing changed (when