Not... dead... Colony Fund, and more

Updated: Aug 4

Hello again, just as a 'first off' please check out my previous post. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys can help me out! Alrighty, now for the main stuff. I haven't really been active here but have on every other social media. However, as this is a main source of news and updates so I felt the need to say so here too. As I close in on a midterm and about to start a new 8-week class, I'll be moving to a new place soon. I'll still have my $1 sketches open but at a much slower pace and maybe hiatus if things get overwhelming. So if I don't appear online for a while, don't worry - either I'm studying, sleeping or you messaged me in a platform I'm least likely to answer in or have notifications for (you know who you are!) If you need to contact me, either contact me on Facebook or Discord! I've disabled contact here since I was receiving random weird messages with no body-text in them - just name, unrelated email and weird topic, no message. So yeah, don't try to contact me here.


Even if I'm not active on dA much anymore, am getting busy this time around but will be even more so soon. However, I'll need help for something else before that happens. I'm gonna open the sketch commissions again. Unless there's another payment method you would prefer, Paypal will be my most preferred payment method.

The reason why I'm opening commissions again is to help with feeding a cat colony where I live. While there is an older guy providing us with cat food, he hasn't been able to give much away as he doesn't have the income like he used to due to the pandemic. There's also another person that is supposed to feed them but seems like they are not feeding them as they agreed to so I wanted to see if I could feed on those days too. I don't quite earn enough myself to provide that much food so I really depend on this guy for it but by doing this could lighten the burden and even be able to give some back if I can.


Feeding, wet food: There are usually between 3 to 6 cats aroun