I've only recently started streaming again after years of abandon due to work. Please be patient if something looks noob-ish or that I randomly start editing the new Open Broadcaster Software's settings. With the COVID-19 still going on and likely to last over the rest of the year,  I have decided to start streaming to make something of my ridiculous abundance of free time. Keeping to my nighttime work schedule, for now I'll start with around 5hrs of continuous streaming to get used to it.​ 






          There are two main things I stream: drawing art and play Switch games. For anything art related I call it an Artstream and with video games, well, just Gaming. I don't stream as frequently due to work and school so forgive me for any misinformation in any platform and pointing it out kindly is greatly appreciated ;w;


          I do not take art request live/ during a stream. Streaming is to motivate me to finish overdue art trades, small commissions and personal art work. Otherwise, to get your request on a stream, please check pricing here or become a Patron.


          I play various games on the Switch but will likely not play with viewers unless I know and trust you. This is to not get so overwhelmed for someone that is competitive but not a gamer.

As for games, the requests will only be taken as scheduled I must also already have the game in order to play. Otherwise, I will have to decline. I only own:

  • Nintendo Switch - Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Breath if the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Puyo Puyo Tetris, 3D All-Stars

  • Nintendo 3DS - Pokemon Moon and Sapphire, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time

  • PS4 - Kingdom Hearts III, Monster Hunter, Overwatch

  • PC - Mabinogi, Minecraft

  • Mobile - Genshin Impact







• Feedback, follow, liking/hearting, and any form of sharing is greatly appreciated. If it is art related, please please PLEASE place a link to my site or credit me by Koyuki Kuroya IN THE CAPTION of post, NOT the comment section or replies.

• Mainly English chat, but other languages are ok too as long as you're not being mean

• Commissions & Requests ONLY before and after streaming. Check pricing here

• Please remain polite at all times, I want to avoid ANY kind of drama

• Friendly banter and mememing is welcome! Mature language and nonPC ok! No grieving. No harassing. No maliciousness. Of. Any. Kind.


• Unsolicited self-promotion, selling and/or buying, spamming, and comments of malicious or distasteful intent will get you banned immediately. We're trying to have a fun and peaceful time, don't be THAT guy!

• Avoid making posts related to controversial and sensitive topics. While I do like related discussions, more often than not they turn out unproductive


• Please leave links, images & videos to a minimum. While I confide many viewers and chat participants will not do anything malicious, this will make it easier to identify who to ban if something ever happens. Join Discord if you have a lot more to share!


• Trying to be a smart-ass to try to push rule limits will get you banned for disrespecting the decisions of the streamer and/or moderators

• If someone's intentionally trying to trigger, please ignore until I can ban them - it never helps to feed the fire.


• If there is any kind of channel you would like me to add to the server, like media channel, NSFW, ETC please let know and I will take it into consideration




Artstream Calendar

For planned events (if any)


DO NOT SHARE WITHOUT CREDITS OR LINKING BACK! Do not copy, modify, or alter in any way shape or form any posts, texts or uploaded images without permission.

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