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Regular Member

• Notifications of new general updates and uploads, usually fanart, art trades and commission artwork

• Access to the discord for other goodies

$5+ = Agimi Tier

• Exclusive access to content on my website! The higher the tier, the more material you will have access to as explained below

• Access to member-only channels and privileges on Discord!

• Credits on announcements and videos for your support - every bit counts!

 Digital Fullbody sketch! Count this like a ticket as it is only valid to ask for it in the month your payment(s) has processed. The higher the tier, the more things you can ask for your commission (color, type shading)  but it still only counts as a single commission for the month.

$8+ = Akapom Tier

• Perks from previous Tiers

 Digital Fullbody Outline artwork

$15+ = Yeizhua Tier

• Perks from previous Tiers

 Feature your commission or game requests in streams. The higher the Tier the higher the priority!

 Digital Fullbody Cell Shaded Colored artwork 

$27+ = Iridescent Tier

• Perks from previous Tiers

• Access to the NSFW channel, AMA privileges, and more!

$50+ = Kiralou Stone

• Perks from previous Tier

• Dedicated shout out on any announcement, website main page and videos!

• WIPs, progress and early sample releases of personal comics & bigger projects

• Access to higher resolution images of any current comic(s)/manga(s)

$100+ = Magic Chest

• Perks from previous Tier

• Notes and journals regarding the projects as well as personal!

• Behind the scenes to everything, from ideas to full concepts and developments!

• Permanent SPECIAL THANKS credit on any of my websites and socials!